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Frequently Asked Questions about Voice Over Classes

Q: What are voice-overs?
A: Voice-overs are the spoken parts you hear in radio and tv commercials, automated telephone systems, answering machine messages, audiobooks, movie trailers, infomercials, training videos, video games, etc. For more detailed info read Chapter 1 of our book here.

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Q: Do I have to be a radio announcer or an actor to be successful?
A: No, not at all. There is actually a push away from the big, announcer type voices. In fact, people with normal, everyday sounding voices are in high demand. Just turn on your radio or TV and listen!

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Q: Do I have to join a union and pay dues?
A: No. You can choose to be union or non-union. Most of the parts you land at first will be non-union. Generally speaking, you only see union work in the larger markets.

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Q: Do I need an agent or a manager?
A: No. Many voice actors never have agents and are able to successfully manage themselves.

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Q: How much money will I make in voice-overs?
A: Honestly, I have no idea how much money you will make in voice-overs. Voice-overs is a business and the amount of money you make in the business will directly depend on your level of talent and how much effort you put into it. Voice-overs is truly a "work-from-home" business. There are many voice actors who make a full-time living, and there are even more who earn a part-time living.

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Q: How will I know if I have the talent for voice-overs?
A: Generally, you'll get a good sense of your vocal abilities during your first voice over class. However, don't be too hard on yourself at first. It may take a few sessions to really find out if voice-overs are for you.

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Q: What equipment do I need to get started in voice-overs?
A: To get started, you don't need any equipment. All you need is reading material and a place to practice reading aloud. A small inexpensive recorder is helpful when practicing.

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Q: What do I need to get auditions?
A: You'll definitely need a Demo Reel so potential clients can hear samples of your voice. You'll need a telephone and a computer with Internet and Emai. You should have business cards and having your own web site is very helpful.

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Q: Do I need a home studio?
A: Not at first. However once you get serious about voice-over, you'll probably want to set one up. Many voice actors find that a home studio enables them to work, practice and create at any time of the day or night. And these days, a lot of auditions take place on-line, so a home studio lets you compete for jobs in a timely fashion.

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Q: What is a "Demo Reel" and why do I need one?
A: The Demo Reel is a professionally recorded and produced CD or mp3 consisting of various segments that feature you doing your best voice work. You'll need a demo reel in order for people to hear your voice over samples to get auditions and parts. Think of it as a voice portfolio.

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Q: Why can't I just read a book about Voice-overs and learn that way?
A: There are several very good voice over books and we suggest you read as many as possible. Each one strongly recommends hiring a "voice-over coach". Plus, you really need to get into a studio to record and listen to yourself. Private voice-over workshops are an easy and smart way to get off to a good start. Many successful people in movies, television, radio, music and the stage work regularly with voice over coaches. By the way, we have a book we wrote called, "Getting Started in Voice-Overs; the Ultimate Beginners Guide" which is FREE with several of our workshops.

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Q: Are you a management company or talent agency?
A: No not all. I am perfectly happy to let YOU manage yourself. However, clients often contact me looking for various types of voices. And I often present various voice-over demos of other actors I know and trust. I'm available to consult with you with about your voice-over business.

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Q: What if I need help managing my voice-over business?
A: I am available to consult with you on marketing, self-promotion, web site design, demo production or studio set-up.

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Q: When and where are voice over classes held?
A: Since 2004, all of my voice over workshops are held at Manchester Community College.

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Q: I have more questions. How can I get answers to them?
A: I'm usually available by phone, 860.871.7515 between 10am and 8pm NYC time, Monday through Saturday. When I'm in the studio (which is often) the answering machine will pick up. Please leave your name and number and I'll call you back. You can always reach me by email; stew @ voiceoverworkshop.com


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